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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The Always in Fashion Year Begins

A lot of new things are happening at Grandiva this year and so trying to move forward and do new things has caused me to get behind in updating you on all the latest things that are happening with the company! Grandiva had a wonderful 10th season but as we move into a new decade I felt it was time to renew our commitment to explore dance and art by looking for new sources for creativity. Dance is a living art form that constantly changes as new personalities are added into the mix. Because of this it is not a museum but an exciting, ever changing experience to come to the theater and see artists at different levels of their careers. Grandiva has many veterans but also this season many young exciting performers continue to grow and take on more responsibility. Comedy is the ability to touch people in a very personal way and give them joy. Developing this talent in dancers is a process that is unique to every individual and that is why dancing in Male Comedy Ballet is so interesting and entertaining for me. Because of so many new exciting opportunities for the company we have hired several dancers to bring in new creative energy into the company. Grandiva now boasts of having dancers from more than 12 countries. It is truly international and unique to be involved with artists from so many different parts of the world. I can honestly say that this season's group is one that I have enjoyed working with more than almost any other in the past. I think that you will find that the Diva's of 2007 are charming, fun, kind and passionate about performing. I will introduce them to you over the next few weeks.

I will also like to tell you we had a wonderful time in Italy. Cremona was beautiful. I will try to write about different things in the coming days but I don't want to tell you everything in one sitting :)

Victor 3/21/2007