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Friday, April 27, 2007

Friday April 27th 2007

We have finished our first three shows in Japan and it has been a very unusual time for the company. We have been plagued with many small injuries which has limited the casting of the shows. Brian Norris had an ankle injury which is now almost completely healed which I am happy about. George had a back injury in Italy which is almost healed also. Jai has had a foot injury which also now seems to just be healing and Momchil has had an elbow injury which is almost healed. Roberto remained in New York to have therapy on his calf. He is healing well and will be arriving next week in time for our Tokyo shows. Sebastian had a rib injury and three other dancers are having trouble with their feet and legs. We have never had more than 3 people hurt at the same time and usually we have had only one and occasionally two so I have been going crazy. It is so hard to move forward with plans when unexpected happens. Still, I have been blessed because the younger dancers continue to blossom and this time has given them a great opportunity to dance new roles. I think by the time we reach Tokyo everyone will be almost completely well so I am looking forward to that. It will make casting and programming the shows so much easier and more interesting for the dancers and the audience. We continue to work on the new ballets, Who Dares?!, They Who Wore White Flowers and La Sylphide all are finished and look great. Momchil and I are still putting the finishing touches on Manon. It looks like we will be having a few guest dancers this season also. I will write more about that next time.